Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doctor Lily Kwan - Personal Log #5

They’re sending another convict fleet to Unity colony! I could hardly believe it, but the ships were there, on tonight’s newscast, three of them – Siren, Sprite and Sphinx. You could see the shuttles zipping back and forth in the loading bays and the stars wheeling behind. According to the newscaster, it’s almost entirely prisoners and military personnel, but there will be a small group of scientists. 

I can hardly breathe, my hands are shaking. I wonder if— No, no, it’s stupid. 

But I have a doctorate in xeno-botany and another in biochemistry. No one can say I’m wouldn’t be useful on a largely unexplored world like Solitaire. Have to get more information.

Oh god, escape!

Chief Rita Songworth - 7

With all this training I wish we could just leave already. I've had little to no time to spend with my family and I've begun to get used to the idea of being on my own. Still, beneath my self-assurance I'm nervous about having no one to protect me, no on there for the unconditional love that we humans take for granted. Zane's persistence is really wearing me down.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alex Tariel-8

Well not everyone is happy about the ships heading off to Solitaire to colonize the planet. People are calling it a suicide mission, that it’s a hoax and the government is trying to empty out the prisons. That got my attention. Word is prisoners are being cherry picked for their skills. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cherry—bet they are good though.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tristan MacFallan - 6

Today I was asked to paint my employer with his three underpaid and undernourished prostitutes. He thought he was a king sticking his dick into the girls who pretended to love his prowess in bed. Truth be told he spent more time demanding they stick their tongue in one another's pussies than he did giving them any pleasure himself.
He kept throwing me high and mighty glances, as though imagining I was turned on by the girls who I had no doubt were underage. I was sickened. Yes I love sex, probably more than I should, but not like that. It was little better than rape.
I can't stay here much longer.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Corporal Sienna Jade-8

Best news ever—being a medic I am automatically getting extra training. While I’ll be looking after prisoners for the duration of the trip (what’s becoming known as stitches and suppositories), on Solitaire I’ll be part of the new medical facilities and they are training up as many people as possible. 15,000 people are going on this trip. I hope they are packing lots of food otherwise we’ll all be eating rocks when we arrive...if we arrive.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chief Rita Songworth - 6

Zane introduced himself to me today. I can't help but feel flattered. He's above me in the ranks and everyone seems a little in awe of him, even a little afraid. I'm not sure what everyone is afraid of - he's only ever been nice to me. But maybe that's because he's attracted to me. In this world, finding someone to watch your back isn't to be scoffed at...of course, now I'm wondering if he's the man for the job.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tristan MacFallan - 5

Well I've caved in. I can't let my wife and unborn child starve. We're now living in one of the towers, in utter luxury compared to what we'd been reduced to outside the walls. My wife couldn't be happier. Me? I feel sick at even being here. I've sold my soul to the bastard who uses me only to satisfy his artistic side. Deep down I can't help but question how long it will last before we're thrown into the street once again, where we come from. In some ways I wish it would come sooner rather than later.

Doctor Lily Kwan - Personal Log #4

The riots are terrible. Eighteen killed downtown, in a protest at the office of the Water Board. There wasn't anything about it on the regular channels, of course. Father and his cronies in the other Families control the news, but there are still a few rogue newscasters out there. They're so brave. I'm such a coward, such a spoiled brat. 

No, no, on reflection, that's not quite right. What I am is an incredible waste.

I need to think about this.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Corporal Sienna Jade-7

Packed and ready. I'm trying to be excited about this new and permanent posting. People around me range from envious to pitying. I'm not sure which is worse. At least Lt Zane will be Earth side and I will be elsewhere.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alex Tariel-7

Ships have names: Earth Ship Siren, Sphinx and Sprite. They could’ve picked some more sensible names. Lots of scientists and smart people are getting on board. Military is also involved. I knew I should’ve enlisted before I got too old. Missed out now by a couple of years.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chief Rita Songworth - 5

I knew training would be rigorous but I'm determined to better myself and chase a better life, if not for myself, then for my parents and their belief in me. Still, I never in a million years expected to be elevated as quickly as I have through the ranks. Chief Songworth...who would ever have believed it? One things for sure, I'm never going to take things for granted.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Corporal Sienna Jade-6

I’m going to Solitaire! More likely I’ll die on the way or discover the government has been lying about the viability of the research base. But there is no way I’m going to be at the mercy of some rich tower prick again. I don’t care if my sister says it’s a sweet deal, he could cast her off at any moment and flick her back onto the streets. So anyway I get transferred to the Earth Ship base in the next week or so and start doing some basic training about the new planet.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Doctor Lily Kwan - Personal Log #3

Father doesn't like me watching the newscasts. In fact, he's forbidden it.

Honestly, for such an intelligent man, he can be remarkably stupid. It's not logical to boast about his brilliant daughter and her two doctorates to his Tower elite cronies and then turn around and treat me like a sulky child in private.

As if he could stop me accessing whatever information I need! Huh!

Tristan MacFallan - 4

I'm seriously worried about my wife, Katrina. We estimate her at now being five months pregnant and yet she's losing weight fast. I'm doing all I can to provide for her and our unborn baby, but it doesn't seem to be near enough. I'm tempted to accept the position offered to me by the senior member of the elite Zane's, but the thought of working under such a self-gratuitous man sickens me right to the marrow. There's always a catch when accepting work at the towers and I don't want to sell my soul to the selfish bastards who turn their backs on the rest of mankind. Seriously though, I'm fast running out of options.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alex Tariel-6

15,000 people are going to Research Base Unity. And the first voyage isn’t going to be full of those with more money than callouses. Nope the governments are treating this as an opportunity to expand the base and get some labor going to set up a town and farms. I envy the lucky bastards on those ships. I'd give anything to get off this rock.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Chief Rita Songworth - 4

I made it! All that rigorous physical and mental testing and I passed the first phase of being a soldier. Top of the class in fact. Huh, who'd have thought. I have a few days rest, but most of us have forgotten what rest means. It'll take me four hours good solid walking to see my parents, but it just might be my last opportunity to see them one last time.
Can't believe it might be a goodbye.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Corporal Sienna Jade-5

I have a day until I either have to sign the papers that put me on the Earth Ship or sign the papers that release me from the Army. If I get out I will have to find another job. Nothing pays as well. I might be able to get a job at a hospital, the general hospitals are always looking for staff (all the best ones go to the hospitals in the towers where they can earn serious money—of course all the doctors are tower born and bred), but I’m an infantry medic not a nurse or anything. I should’ve done more training. Shit. Who’d have thought one man could screw me over so bad? I need to speak to my sister...I already know what my mother will say—I should’ve become his mistress.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tristan MacFallan - 3

I abandoned my artwork today. There is no longer any point imagining I can paint for the rich while all around me people are dying from starvation and chem-lung. The last straw was when my wife had to run for her life when some women who'd once been her friends broke into our house to take what supplies we had. I wasn't there to protect her. I was too busy trying to earn some measly rations with my art. I'll find another way to make ends meet. I don't have a choice

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alex Tariel-5

No rice or corn this week at the shops. The communal veggie patch is going well since Janet managed to get some chickens—no one in the house asked where they’d come from. Same way no one asks how her husband managed to give us a feed of alligator steaks. It had been so long since I’d had a chunk of real meat, not the overpriced, tasteless lab protein meat-like crap.