Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alex Tariel-9

Janet and her hubby were arrested for stealing. They had been helping themselves to some of the food they delivered to the towers. I suspected but since I never asked I could honestly tell the cops I had no idea where the chooks (or the other meat) came from. One of the kids hid a few chicks...guess when they get a bit bigger we’ll have eggs again, until then it’s another mouth to feed. Janet’s sister is now looking after her kids. Janet’s sister has also put the word on me again—not going to happen. If I can’t afford a condom, I’m not having sex. No kid should be born into this. Apparently that makes me an ass. I suggested that was a place I could stick it and she threw a saucepan at me. She’s just stressed now we have two less adult wages coming into the house. Rent will be tight.

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