Friday, August 15, 2014

Doctor Lily Kwan - Personal Log #6

My hands are shaking so much I can hardly type. I’ve done the research, found out everything I can about Unity colony and Solitaire. Oh my god, a whole new world – literally! The scientific reports are brief and contain only minimal data, mainly about climate and geology. There were blurry images of trees and grasses, but all so strange. I'm dying to know more, to touch, to test.

I stayed up almost ‘til dawn. In fact, the maid caught me asleep with my head on the desk. Thank god the poor woman’s illiterate or she might have reported back to Father about what was on my screen.

No question that I’m perfectly qualified for the post. Today I’m going to build a new firewall. Once that’s in place, I’m going to fill in those forms and send them. 

I won’t change my mind. I acknowledge my fear, honestly I do, but I intend to do this.

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