Friday, August 29, 2014

Doctor Lily Kwan - Personal Log #7

Now what do I do? They want me to meet the expeditions Chief Scientific Officer in person. But I cant, I just cant! Theres no way in hell I can get out of the Tower without a bodyguard.

I need to think about this. There must be something I can do. Hang on I guess we could do it via vid screen. If Father finds out, hell be furious, but that wont be the worst part. Hell see to it I never set foot outside again.

On the other hand, its reasonable risk. Ive chatted with other researchers on the vid before and Father couldnt be bothered to ask who they were. If I ask Doctor Schmidt for the questions in advance, I can keep it short.  Yes! And Ill say hes in Europe so I have to stay up 'til the early hours because of the time difference.

When I weigh it all up, logically and calmly yes, Im going to do it!

God, Im so scared, so excited!

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